Horizontal Plastic Injection Machines:

General Features
• The machine ,is designed considering mould and product handling an equipment needs
• The best treatment of thermoplastic metarial of today’s tecnology
• High and wide this charge opening for easy removal of large producsts and aotumation accessories
• Both front and rear safety gates are roller mounted for easy access to mould area
• Standart mould and machine water for simple installation and quick mould change
• Parellelism between plates is provided trought hard chrome-steel pins.
• Movements of machine are controlled by solenoid valves and proportional valves providing precise operation
• Piston pump with variable flow rate
• Adjustable torque and speed exruder hydraulic motor for process flexibilty.
• Nitrited screw and barrel.
• 6 stage injection speed and 4 stage injection pressure.
• Time moulding,with adjustable pressure and speed control at every stage
• Cold screw start –up protection
• Adjustable back pressure control
• General purpose screw;lenght/diameter ratio(L/D)(1/19,1/20,1/22,1/24)

Through variable displeacement (axial piston)hidyraulic pump,our plastic injection machine’s oil loses are decreased. during pumps work in times when the oil is deliverd to the system,oil circalition is prevented.tahat’s why,it saves 20% energy aganist to other pumps which works and stops simualtaneousily with the systems operation.by controling speed of pump, the flowing rate changes.even the system requires few flowing rate with high pressure,the pump can supply this in low rotation speed.

• Spring shut of nozzle
• Pneumatic eject
• Multi-fonctional and specialize injection cores systems
• Special moulds reducer system for scream type production
• Proximity switch for storing mould reducer adjustment in memory and automatic adjustment.
• Photocell control for eject status
• Back pressure is controlled edit by the proportional pressure control valve
• Plate type hydraulic ejector
• Hydraulic safety door


FE 70/65
FE 130/95
FS 220/120
FE 400/240

FE 650/320
FE 1000/400
FE 1500/550
FE 3000/775
FE 5000/900

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